Moulding your Future

About Us

ECS was founded by David Damsell and Andy Collins, both of whom have a wealth of experience in pattern, mould and composites tooling. David and Andy are supported by Lead Design Engineer, Darren Cudd, and Senior Lead Machinist, Norman Holifield.

David and Andy met at Red Bull F1 and after working together for many years, decided to start ECS to produce patterns, moulds and composite inserts for the Formula One industry and beyond. They have now added a new capability of producing aluminium components with the purchase of a new Sahos Dynamic 5 axis and Haas 3 axis machines, while also expanding their workforce.


David Damsell – Director


David has a worked in a wide variety of precision engineering companies, patterns and composite tooling. He has a passion for motorsport and has worked for severalF1 teams including Jaguar and Red Bull where his responsibilities ranged from initial stages of machining patterns through to completion of the end component and model maker for wind tunnel aerodynamic testing.

Andy Collins – Director


Andy’s career has covered defence (guided weapons) and satellites engineering, with what is now BAE Systems, and motorsport, including Jordan Grand Prix, British American Racing, Jaguar and Red Bull. He is an experienced cnc machinist and model maker, and has set up and managed workshops with both 3 axis and 5 axis machines.