Moulding your Future

ECS Capabilities

ECS is a well-resourced but compact business that is continually investing in its plant and premises to ensure it stays at the forefront of developing technologies. This means we can respond swiftly to customers’ individual needs and clients can rely on a professional yet friendly and discreet service.

Our services include 3 and 5 axis machining of :

  • Epoxy tooling block or Aluminium components up to 3m in length in 5 Axis
  • Aluminium components up to 750mm in length in 3 Axis
  • Rohacell and other core material insert manufacture.
  • Carbon fibre trimming in 3 or 5 Axis
  • We can manufacture items from 3D CAD or Drawings
  • Full inspection reports available for all parts manufactured using our Romer absolute 6 axis arm and PCDmis software.
5 Axis Machiningcapab-1 Our new Sahos Dynamic FC3000CNC and Maka MK7S 5 axis machines have capacities of up to 3m long and 1.5m wide for epoxy tooling block, core materials, plastics and aluminium in 5 axis.
capab-1 Our Maka MK7s machine is capable of machining tooling block moulds and patterns, Rohacell and other core materials and timing components up to 2m x 1m in size.
3 Axis Machiningcapab-2 Our new Haas VF2SSYT machine will manufacture metalic or plastic parts up to 760mm in length at high speeds with its 12000rpm spindle, high feed rates and superfast tool change capability.Our Semco knee mill is ideal for 2nd ops on parts produced on the Haas mill.
Inspectioncapab-3 Romer Absolute 6axis Inspection Arm with PcDmis Software produces inspection reports for everything we produce ensuring all parts that leave ECS meet the specification given by the customer.


We have invested in: a second full design seat of Siemens NX for our 5 axis CAD/CAM applications; a seat of One CNC for 3 axis programming to service our Haas milling service; and a PC-DMIS for part inspection.